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The Best of Yourself Comes

From Within Yourself

Feeling Stuck?

Are you unhappy?

Do you doubt yourself?

Want to make changes and don't know how?

Doing what you "SHOULD DO" instead of what you 'WANT?"

Do you feel a sense of emptiness or meaninglessness in you life?

A sense that life is meaningless is the greatest cause of anxiety, depression, anger and addictive behaviours. Meaning is not to be found out there in a job, person or relationship - meaning is something that is discovered and released from within you. You, yes you put meaning into your work, experiences and relationships.

You have the power within you to alter your perceptions and limiting thoughts. Rather than look outside of yourself for meaning, I invite you to explore what's within.

Free To Be You offers individual, couple, family and trauma counselling. These services allow you to move forward in your life as you learn to free yourself from the past and to accept the person you are truly meant to be. Through exploring, discovery and acceptance you will learn to live in your full potential.

What to expect in your sessions?


Re-education requires the conscious effort to examine private

thoughts that no longer serve you. We can determine ineffective and destructive behaviours that limit your personal potential. What hasn’t worked for you in the past? Alternate choices are available for you to explore with more suitable and favourable outcomes.


Taking ownership of your private thoughts is the basic concept

for acceptance. Sometimes our past history may dictate us to do things in our present life that doesn't sit well with us. Own your own story and appreciate your whole story, even the parts that you don’t like.

By bringing your private thoughts to your awareness, you can accept your experience consciously. You will learn and be able to live the life you want, rather than the life you have to live.

Moving Forward:

Create a livable relationship with yourself as opposed to a disabling one. This living relationship recognizes wholeness. You can change the storage of our private thoughts - the past is one chapter of your life and now you can create a new chapter that will support you.

Remember, you are free to be you.

What are the Benefits of Counseling?

  • Choiceful decision making
  • Learn to trust yourself
  • Freedom to be yourself
  • Find clarity and meaning in your life
  • Let go of fears and obstacles
  • Build self-confidence and validate self-worth
  • Have more control in your life
  • Identify your needs and wants
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